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Katie Hendrickson at the Louvre
Global Teacher Fellows and Rural Trust Staff at the GTF Fall Institute, Raleigh, NC (Sept. 2013).

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2014 Program Information
Applications are closed for 2014.

2014 Fellows will be announced by March 30th.

The 2015 application process will open October 1, 2014.

The Rural Trust's Global Teacher Fellowship program will be awarding up to 25 in 2014 to support the professional and personal development of rural teachers.

The awards (up to $5,000 for individual teachers and $10,000 for a team of two or more teachers) support teachers’ participation in self-designed summer learning experiences and a two-day place-based learning institute in the fall following their summer experience.

This fellowship is a stand-alone grant not meant to supplement other grant funds for larger projects.

Teachers are encouraged to center their learning in an international travel and study experience, out of which they develop interdisciplinary, place-based learning curricula aligned with their specific state and local content standards.

Eligibility: Any K–12 teacher working full-time and teaching at least 60% time in a rural community can apply for the fellowship. Counselors, media specialists, and other school personnel working in a teaching setting for at least 60% of their paid work time may also apply.

The Rural Trust defines a rural community by National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) locale codes: 32 (Town, Distant); 33 (Town, Remote); 41 (Rural, Fringe); 42 (Rural, Distant); or 43 (Rural, Remote). If your school is listed in one of these locale codes, you are eligible to apply. If your school or district is REAP eligible, you may also apply. For more details on eligibility, see the FAQs page.

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January 30, 2014: Application deadline

February 2014: Completion of selection process

March 2014: Notification of awards

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